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Slippery Sam Tomcat Urethral Catheters

Slippery Sam Tomcat Urethral Catheters
Polytetrafluroethylene (PTFE) catheter with end hole for the drainage or administration of fluids.

Product Features
  • Highly lubricious catheter shaft material ensures ease of catheter placement
  • Low profile silicone hub enables syringe attachment for flushing or connection to a closed collection system
  • Suture holes in the silicone hub allow securing of the catheter to the prepuce
  • Sterile

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Product Specifications


Reorder CodeFrench SizeLength (cm/in)Side HolesEnd Hole Design
TTM3011OE3.011 cm / 4-inchesnoneopen
TTM35113.511 cm / 4-inchesyesclosed
TTM3511OE3.511 cm / 4-inchesnoneopen
TTM35143.514 cm / 6-inchesyesclosed
TTM3514OE3.514 cm / 6-inchesnoneopen
TTM3518OE3.518 cm / 7-inchesnoneopen
Notes: TTM3011OE commonly used in ferrets